Lots of Stuff Going On

The changes at work portend a longer work day for me;  I think I can handle it.  It’s new.  It’s different.  It means that the day is longer.

I lost all of the data that I collected today.  That argues for doing things without the technology — since it is unreliable.  Perhaps I can replicate it later.

I’ve got the equivalent of a private tutor thing going on and I have to keep up with all of the students who are on contract — much like probation.

The Madoff video went well today — I explained Ponzi scheme to them and most of the Kazakhs understood what it was all about.  They all wanted to know the end of the story.


2 responses to “Lots of Stuff Going On

  1. The end of the story … we’re all waiting to see that!

  2. Fanny, Harry and Baby came for dinner. They are the only three I have seen. The morning will tell better.

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