I Need an Idea

My writing class is working on cause/effect essays.   For now, I’ve restricted them to one or the other.  I’d like to have them write a chain reaction essay, but I just can’t think of one that I could show them a video of and have them write their essays on the same process.

I was thinking of Chernobyl or perhaps Union  Carbide — something I could show them an hour or so of video over and that they could write about.  I’d like for it to be something positive, but I can’t imagine finding a video of the chain reaction of something like Head Start, though I haven’t tried.

Any help?


3 responses to “I Need an Idea

  1. Damned at Random

    I don’t know of a video off hand, but how about the DDT ban and the subsequent recovery of raptors? Also, the presence of DDT metabolites in breast milk of populations far removed from the point of application which might indicate that, had the ban not been imposed, human health effects may have resulted (canary in the coal mine).

  2. The ‘Frontline’ story that’s in the news now (Hank Skinner) was a good suggestion, and the DDT story has possibilities too … or what about honeybees? or did you all do a whole ton on bees a couple of terms ago?

  3. I decided to go with Madoff. Though your ideas were great, video was the key, but thanks for offering future topics (I just need a bit more time to look into them — something I don’t have the luxury of this term.

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