Some Days It All Comes Together Finally

We are going through big changes at work and it has not been easy.   I’m not so happy with the way things are going, but I do have ideas about how to make it better.

One of my projects involves improving our students’ reading.  To that end, I have divided up the General Service List of words for our school’s levels.  To test my division, I will use a response system and randomize the words with another software program.

Using these tools, I will identify the words that students at each level will need to learn.

There were problems.   I need to use a laptop and projector, but the laptops with projectors didn’t have Office 2007 and only 5 of the clicker responders worked.  When we got Office 2007  installed, it wiped out the response system.  When I tried to reinstall the system today, I didn’t have the clearance.

One of our tech people came down and helped me make it all happen.  I was so happy.  All of the clickers work, I will be able to set up randomized PowerPoint slides, and best of all, I will be able to set up a new vocabulary system.

I did all of this and taught classes, distributed texts and materials, counseled teachers and students, placed new students, and arranged to have my garage repaired.

What did Michael Berry and Chris Baker do today?

Sat on their asses and yapped.  I don’t even have to listen to know.


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