Almost Too Tired

I’ve been watching the Ronnie years.  It doesn’t quite mesh with what I know from people I worked with and met in my time in Latvia.  I only tuned in because of the promise of an examination of Iran-Contra.

It’s strangely focused  on a dead fish at this point.

It doesn’t address anything about race relations or what his policies caused.  I remember joking in the ’80’s about the last person in Michigan turning out the light and people I met in bars being from Akron.  On the freeway to work here in Houston at that time, you were as likely to see out of state plates as not.

Lots of stuff about the Soviets, much of it from a skewed point of view.

I’m disappointed at the lack of attention to the harm done in Central America.  There is about a half hour left.  Perhaps they will get to it.


One response to “Almost Too Tired

  1. There’s a very corporate feel to the saintly reminiscences. Trotting out George Schultz (who still bears primary responsibility for tapping G.W. Bush as a frontrunner for the GOP), James Baker, Bush senior, etc. It’s as though everyone (media included) have just decided that he (the sainted Ron) was such a superficially sunny guy that nothing negative will be allowed into the retrospective. The whole thing seems very out of touch and it’s like a private party that is being filmed so us outsiders can watch it or something.

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