A Radio Change for Me

For many years now, I have listened mostly to wingnut radio.  It was a way to hear what they might be going on about and then to write about it.

The news in the last few weeks, as well as the wingnuts’ reaction — or lack thereof to it — has decided my radio choices for me.  There is nothing the the early morning guy won’t cover that the one on the afternoon before didn’t, and then there is just this loop of sameness, even with the same people calling in.

AM talk radio in Houston is dying, otherwise they wouldn’t be trying so hard.

I’ve already shifted back to KUHF for the morning and evening drive.  Now all I have to do is dial up KPFT to catch Al Jazeera in the morning.  I’ve been accessing their live blogs and live broadcasts for the last month and a half.

I’ll still check in to see what Bennet or PagLIARulo might have to say, but I have changed my primary radio listening.

It might not mean anything to anyone but me, but I think I am not alone.  The GOP and their step children teatards have been tone deaf to how much what happened in Egypt means.  They couldn’t even bring it up at their *WE LOVE RON PAUL* convention — that gets more pub than it should.

President Obama is moving forward.  I’d much rather follow that than the recycled bullshit on AM talk radio.


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