That is the battle cry today.  Otherwise we’ll all be speaking Arabic.

The idiocy at hand:  some monolinguists got all worked up because a small school district got a very nice grant to implement an Arabic language program in their schools.  SHARIA LAW IS COMING.  PAID FOR BY THE GOVERNMENT.

What will actually happen is that the children who learn Arabic will be able to talk about the monolingual children right to their faces.  Nice Darwin move there parents.



  1. I remember hearing this story years & years ago (told my by uncle, a life-long Texan with a fondness for the occasional stupidities of his fellow Texans), about the Texas Governor (Ferguson, maybe?) who indicated his disapproval about the possible teaching of bilingual classes (English & Spanish) by saying: if English was good enough for our Lord Jesus Christ, then it’s good enough for the children of Texas.
    Some stupidities are timeless, apparently.

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