Seasonal Photos

It’s noon on Friday and the temp is still below freezing according to Weather Underground, but things are slowly starting to thaw.   All kittens, except for Mommy, have been accounted for, but I’m not worried about her — she’s a smart cat.

I caught Frannie and Baby having a little drink:

Baby is either all fluffed up or has put on some weight.  With the weather, I’ve been feeding them more.

Icy plant pics after the jump

The lemon tree looks bad, but it has survived past hard freezes and I expect it will again.

The new mandarin was icy, but it should be ok — lots of mulch, well watered, and the graft protected.

Perhaps the cabbage will make it.

same bed

The radicchio looks ok, too.  I’ve had them covered.

The poor battered orchid tree is covered in ice.

The butterfly bush made it through the freeze last year but just barely.  It had only grown back to a fraction of its earlier size.

The pom had already lost all of its leaves.  Hopefully the mulch and covering the graft kept it safe.  (That’s Tammy on the porch.  I tried to take pics of the pups, but they wouldn’t cooperate.)

Perhaps I’ll add more later.


5 responses to “Seasonal Photos

  1. OT
    Did you watch the News Hour and did you hear Judy say when she was talking about St. Ronnie’s 100th birthday that this was “the beginning of a year-long observance of his life and legacy”?

    WTF? A year? I may have to turn off the News Hour and PBS if they are going to go on about him for an entire year.

  2. Good photos & hopefully the plants/veggies will bounce back once the temp climbs out of the 20s!
    And yes, Baby looks chubby!
    I turned off the final segment of the NewsHour precisely because of the hagiographic nonsense about Reagan. It’s depressing to see so many people busily rewriting history when there’s enough of us still alive who remember that the Reagan era was a dreadful time. Unless you were a rich white straight dude, of course and then it was paradise.

    • I remember listening to Michael Medved’s (conservative radio talker) review of St. Ronnie. He focused on his childhood and movie years and early presidency. Not a damn word about Central America or Iran.

      I was stunned that the News Hour decided to go with Jim interviewing Ronnie in 1989 about his debate with Carter. Crazy and sad. I guess they are trying to keep their funding.

  3. nice dump of a house

    • I know you are not Michael Berry because he says much meaner things to me. But I was wondering why you thought my house was a dump.

      It is a house that protects all of us who live here. I know it’s not perfect, but I am working on that.

      Why did you feel that you had to call it a dump?

      Do you live in some sort of master planned community where everything is perfect?

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