For All of the Lurkers Looking for Chris Baker

Here is the latest.  Chris Baker‘s gone from KPRC.  It’s their loss, their numbers are down by the thousands.

Chris Baker‘s also gone from the Yankee station he was on.  As one website put it, “Chris Baker resigns from mornings at Talk KTLK-FM (News Talk 100.3 FM)/Minneapolis”.

Chris Baker is listed as a talent for an agency, so you can hire him if you want.  For weddings or stag parties.  I guess.


3 responses to “For All of the Lurkers Looking for Chris Baker

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  2. Ola … sorry I missed ya at work (called a little after 4) … did your guys get back in from W. Texas okay?
    no real news but remind me to tell you about a clothing store you might be interested in (made in usa) …

    • Yes, mom called this evening complaining about her house being cold. So everything is normal.

      I’m sorry I missed your call, too. One of my long time co-workers decided to be an ass today and how I wish I could have vented to you about it.

      Tell me about the clothing store!!!!!

      I’m listening to the weatherman enthusiastically going on about FREEZING WEATHER!!!!! I don’t trust those guys anymore. They are so wrong about almost everything. They don’t know what they are talking about.

      I’m in a Monday kind of mood so it’s probably better you didn’t have to hear all about it. Sleeping with Murph and Tam will take care of that though.

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