A Confession and Proof of Life

I can’t remember if have written about my guilt of the past month.  I will now.

When I got Robin in the house and in the puppy crate, I also trapped one of her siblings.  While I had been able to tame Robin outside, I was unable to tame her sibling, no matter how I tried.  They were fine together and played and slept in a little puddle of kitten.

Then I took Robin into the SPCA and she was quickly adopted.

The sibling, whom I had come to call Atilla because it always hissed and snarled at me, was left alone.  It wasn’t quite big enough to get fixed and the weather wasn’t really cooperating and work got busy and I needed help getting it from the puppy crate to the trap.  (Something I honestly don’t want to do again.)  All of that meant it wasn’t until last Friday that I finally had the opportunity to take it into SNAP.

It turned out the kitten is a female, so we named her Tilly.  She had to stay in the trap, miserable and hostile for two days.  Since last Sunday night was so cold, I let her out Monday morning.  She ran under the house and that was that.

There was no sign of her Monday evening, nor at feeding times on Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday morning.  Thursday evening, I decided to go back out 45 minutes or so after feeding the OKs, and as I approached their food bowls, one little kitten took off like a rocket.  I was so sure it was Tilly.  And she had been eating with her Mom.  I felt better about her chances for surviving the cold.

She survived and seems to be slowly negotiating her new geography and social role, as I observed today.  I caught a few picks of her cautiously moving around the yard and her step-sibs, Fannie and Dot.

More after the jump.

I know that she’s lost some of her socialization skills because I kept her in the puppy cage for almost a month alone.  My hope is that she is young enough to overcome that.  That I first found her with her mom gives me more hope.  That Baby tried to play with her, as did Master Harry, later when the sun came out is more encouraging.  It’s going to take much longer for her not to run away when I come into the yard, but at least I know she will only either go under the house or just next door — where there is no danger for her.

I feel guilty, but I’m trying to make up for what I have done.

The late afternoon sky was beautiful.

The only thing missing is the sound of the dripping dripping dripping, like a gentle rain, as the ice melted from the leaves and branches of the sturdy plants and trees in the garden.



4 responses to “A Confession and Proof of Life

  1. Tilly will be fine and what you did for her was the right thing. She was safe, and fed, and kittens have malleable memories as we know, so by mid-summer she will be a happy member of the garden tribe. Did you take the pix from the deck or from inside the house? She does look very cautious but there’s a lot of catching up to do in her great big new world. I don’t think you have anything to feel bad about but I do know what you mean.
    We both feel some guilt over the last couple of weeks with beautiful K****a, since we were concentrating on other family stuff. Still, I’m grateful that I spend the better part of her last day with her and that she didn’t try & hide but was sticking close until the very end.
    And good on Mr. Harry & Baby for being a welcome home committee for little Miss Tilly.

    • I took the pics from the back door window. She runs every time she sees me.

      Just watching them from the bedroom window was fun. Mostly the regulars were all interested in sunning and cleaning themselves, but Tilly gave it a go, running right through them. Baby and Harry noticed and wanted to play. I’m sure Harry would love to have another little kitten to wrestle, since I think he sees himself as smaller than he is.

      It was a good day. I didn’t get much done other than worrying, but by about 4:00, I thought that we got through that, we can get through anything.

  2. Off-topic: right now I feel pretty crappy (the cold has come back with a vengeance & it probably didn’t help spending the morning hacking ice off of the windshield) … so, since Sunday promises to be a few degrees warmer than tomorrow I may drop by then rather than Sat., but I’ll let you know tomorrow morning … you guys stay warm …

  3. I think that your coming over Sunday is a good idea. I think tomorrow will be a thawing out day and I have to go take care of the bunnies and Meow. Let’s just settle on that. You need to stay out of the weather and get better.

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