Where is Rick Perry?

Where is he?

FOUND him:  He’s in California for a dead man’s birthday.  Priorities!!!!!!


5 responses to “Where is Rick Perry?

  1. His silence is certainly noticeable (but then he’s got his, got another term so he doesn’t actually have to do anything, I guess?) … on the other hand, President Obama has been much more on top of things (declaring Oklahoma eligible for fed funds for the storm damage etc.) … Every step of the way the President has shown leadership & adult behavior … it’s almost hard to get used to (but I’ll take it & 4 more years for sure!)

  2. Hey! I’ll check in tomorrow & see how all youse guys is doin … so far looks like I’ll be heading in to work … oh well, send Jojo good drivin’ vibes!

    • You’re kidding. I’d say check the news in the morning before you leave. Maybe they will just make a late call on it.

      I bought a turkey — they had some thawed at the grocery store. It gave me an excuse to run the oven for 4 and a half hours 🙂 Now there’s lots of turkey and the house is warm.

      Oh, I am 99.9% sure I saw Tilly eating with mommy. I went outside about 45 minutes after dinner time and there they were! Tilly ran off behind Mike’s garage, but I’m sure she’s with them now, even if she still hates me 😦

      Everyone else is fat and warm.

  3. Oh good! Yay for Tilly & yay for Turkey! and it’s just a matter of time before Tilly comes round (Mommy will set her right that you’re an okay joe and if you were going to stomp and/or eat her you would have done it by now) … I’m very happy … talk to ya tomorrow …

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