I’m now a semi-former luddite

So I ordered a cell phone today.  It will be free after the mail in rebate and $35 a month unlimited everything is cheaper that the land line I have and it will have caller ID and all that.

I’m not sure how I feel about this.  I am the genetic mutant in a long line of people who like to sit around and talk on the phone, as well as nosy parkers who feel what you are doing is somehow their business.


5 responses to “I’m now a semi-former luddite

  1. YaY!!!! I have to admit that when I saw those poor folks snowed-in in their cars on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago I thought of you without a cell phone!!! Naggity-naggity-nag, I know (but now I can stop) …
    The kitties here are reacting differently to the cold (Teddy is just sleeping), Simba is being a pain about wanting to go outside (even though his plants are now inside (?silly cat?) & Stumpy seems very worried, as though maybe we haven’t noticed the change in the weather or something …
    Be really really careful tomorrow (& Friday, if you even go in to work) and remember to avoid bridges!

    • Everyone here has been predictable for the most part — except — wait for it — pups ate TWO — I said TWO bowls of kibbles before begging for cookies.

      The kitchen sink is only dribbling a bit of water, but the bathroom faucets are still working.

      Boss lady wants me to download some VPN software onto my home computer so I can post an update on the website about Friday and the weather. She doesn’t want a bunch of Saudis and Venezuelans out on the roads trying to get to school Friday morning. With how things are shaking out, I wouldn’t be surprised it everything shut down tomorrow afternoon.

      I feel that if I am here, I can deal with whatever comes, but if I have to trudge to work, just to find out that it’s closed would be a replay of the last time they made us full timers fight the flood while the bosses sit cozy at home dictating from their laptops.

      BAAHHHHH enough with that.

      I can only hope that the little OKs are all huddled together. I’ll get up early to give them lots of food and non-frozen water. The orchid in the front yard looks bad, as does the butterfly plant that suffered so last March.

      FUCK. 1 to 3 inches of snow? FUCK.

      I wonder if it’s all too late to do anything about this. Obama has had too much to deal with and too many sniping at him. And the know-nothings just keep rolling along.

      Makes me sick.

      Where the hell is Perry?

  2. p.s. cool video …

  3. 2 bowls? those crazy unpredictable pups …
    you can always think of the phone as the moment when you drew a line and said ‘here, but no further’ … and you are doing it more for others than for yourself …

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