Michael Berry Drunk Again

This is getting to be routine.  Perhaps I should worry.  Here’s what I wrote to him:

The jin is up.  I have been telling people that your little video is a lie made up by you and Clayton.  I have refrained from outing Clayton as an impostor Marine.
> While you have bragged about the video you and Clayton cooked up, it looks like the truth tellers and OMG military themselves are seeing how this video you did and spread was disrespectful to Sal Giunta and his family.
> You lied Michael.  You and Clayton concocted a lie.  And I am making sure that people on youtube and facebook know that.
> You would be pleased to know that all of the people who have posted yours and Clayton’s video didn’t even think about it not having anything from the actual ceremony in it.
> That also made it easy for me to discredit.
> While you name drop and scream and whine, I’m out here doing the hard stuff — revealing your lies.
> I hope you are happy.   I have a full time real job, but I spend what time I can fighting your lies.
> Michilines
> calle viena

Michael Berry at his finest:



Back to hoarding i see

That was the first email.  Here’s the second:

You are a crazy sick psychotic bitch

The cat urine has made u nuts emily

Go away u nasty skank

Sorry u r ugly n gross

But no interest in indulgin ur need for attention

Ur cats dont love u hoarder skank

I almost feel sorry for him.

Here’s the third email:

U should change ur name to hoarder urine

Three attack emails.   I guess I should count myself lucky.  It’s more that others have got.

Perhaps I should add “drunk Michael Berry” to my tags.


2 responses to “Michael Berry Drunk Again

  1. It’s beyond me, beyond me, to comprehend how someone who attempts to be so professional yet so witty and so ‘right’ about absolutely everything can lower himself to such language. It’s sick and pathetic.

    BTW – what video are you speaking of…

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