You Tell Me if This is Weird

From our local wingnut talk stations here in Houston:

Operation Desert Storm: 20 Years Later
Analysts: withdraw was the right thing to do.
By Nik Rajkovic
Monday, January 17, 2011

It has been two decades since Americans became glued to their radios and television sets as coalition forces began to bomb Baghdad.

Just like many of us, retired Army General Bill McClain also was watching the coverage on television, but from inside a briefing room at the Pentagon.

He says although the first assault came as somewhat of a surprise, the U.S. military began preparing the day Iraq invaded Kuwait.

“We knew it was going to come, because Saddam Hussein wouldn’t give up on anything,” says McClain.  “It was a good feeling to say now this is getting started.”

In what appeared to be an easy victory for U.S. forces, some still question the decision to pull back without taking out Iraq’s leadership, adding we could have avoided the most recent conflicts in the Middle East.

But Texas A & M military history professor Joseph Dawson says Bush One made the correct call.

“The American military as strong as it was,” says Dawson.  “We still did not have complete plans for occupying the country.

For those who argue we could have prevented going back or even the events of 9/11, former ambassador Ryan Crocker disagrees.

“I would see no connection at all to 9/11,” Crocker says.  “Osama bin Laden simply didn’t care about those things, operating on a completely different ideological structure.”

In fact, all agree that the time between the two Gulf Wars allowed U.N. sanctions to set it, and U.S. officials to develop a plan for occupancy before Operation Iraqi Freedom got underway in 2003.


Again, what?


5 responses to “You Tell Me if This is Weird

  1. Yes, very weird. Unless the “all” who agree, as noted in the last paragraph you quoted are aware of some series of plans for occupancy which were then utterly & completely ignored by Bush Two and company. Watch as history gets rewritten before our very eyes.

  2. I saw Mao Mao! I like the full-body shot of her from above! What a sweetie (and a nice story too) … okay, I’m semi-hooked & may now have to alternate wonkette w/ balloon juice!

    • Since I have already poisoned the well there as far as commenting — don’t ask — if you would want to send in something about Stumpy or Tammy or even Caroline, I would send you some pics if you would write it up and send it. We have so many happy rescue stories. You should do it.

  3. And if thats what were talking about potentially we could be there beyond 2011 said Odierno.

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