Just Some Non-Random Thoughts

Having watched the ceremony last night in Arizona, all I can say is that it was very moving.  I have actually changed my approach to this online world.  I don’t know if it will make a difference, but if enough of us do, perhaps it could.

It may just be that my connection is slow, or perhaps Facebook (DO NOT LIKE) doesn’t like me in return, but I cannot this evening tell people about the lie that is Michael Berry’s video.  While I cannot with certainty ascribe intent to Berry and his employee Clayton for the lie they have perpetrated and bragged about, I can say that with a certain small fraction of people, even showing them proof that the video is a lie doesn’t cut it.  They look at the previous Medal of Honor recipients and see Barney Frank.  (I guess all old whit guys do look alike.)

My Facebook message box is filled with people  who see the light and the lie and with others who react as I described above.  There are others still spreading the lie even today

Today, Michael Berry was upset about the Native American who gave the invocation last night.  It seemed to hurt him, perhaps it hurt his ears, so he lashed out and started poking fun.  I don’t blame him.   He’s already weathered the storm on this topic, having previously insulted that community here. and there are so few of them that they are an easy target, much like African Americans.

I think a civil public discourse is possible.  I also think the the arc of gun ownership has reached its height.  Just me speaking here, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the president whose mere election has stoked such fear in the gun owning community is in fact the one who brings sanity back to gun ownership in our country.   Call me HOPEY like that.

I will shift my blog browsing back to winger blogs and comment as much as I can.  It’s different now than when I first started.  I’m different, too.  I think I can do it without getting banned or attacked.  I think I can find a way to introduce reason.

My first blog to comment on is this one.  If you care to comment, it’s easy to do it anonymously.  Or if you choose, you can sign up with the comment service.

I feel better about things.  Much better.

Now if I could only get Dora or Tammy to do the dishes, my happiness would be complete.


2 responses to “Just Some Non-Random Thoughts

  1. I agree and I also think that the country is really lucky to have this particular president. It’s an almost impossible job to remain stable and steady and dignified and humble in the face of unrelenting attacks from both sides but he’s done it for 2 years and there’s no sign he’s going to cave to the lesser angels of his nature. In regards to M. Berry, I do sometimes wonder, given his earnestness and his what would you call it, enthusiasm? whether he ever considers latching onto something that he feels truly positive about, and running that into the ground? It might make him feel better as well (assuming he’s actually invested in any of the things he says, which is hard to gauge since he’s rather a one-trick pony & his emotion-meter seems to run to hyper-drive, with no nuance or subtlety). It must be exhausting (again, assuming he actually cares & isn’t just acting & cashing that paycheck) to always have to look for the negative, to find only darkness where others might see light. The result is that he fixates on trivia and he comes off as obsessed and goofy. I guess his mission is to speak nonsense to power?

    • When he was talking about the little girl who died — the first thing I thought was that he knew, he knew the threat that he put his little girls under. And this little girl’s death, hit home for him.

      For all of those who criticized the Obamas for where they decided to school their children, I say they have no idea. No idea.

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