The “Both Sides Do It” Argument is Bunk

I’m just speaking on a personal level in connection with the current commentary on the intertubes and radio.  I’m not making any connections to the current situation in Arizona, except that that situation, along with other things I have read and thought about, prompted this post.

Back in the day, this blogger and this other blogger decided to post my work information and encourage their readers to contact my boss.  I always assumed it was to get me fired or disciplined or something, since they both referenced that I was commenting on their blogs and assumed I was doing so from my work computer.   That wasn’t the case.  I made the mistake, back in my early commenting days of using my work email to comment — it was really dumb dumb dumb dumb — but I learned too late.  Both of those bloggers used my work information anytime they thought someone was winning an argument against them.  Most of the time it wasn’t me, but they posted my work information again and again — one even on the local paper’s cite — a called to complain and got her to remove it.

I never returned the threat.  It goes without saying that neither of them have a job — even to this day.  That’s one of the differences in this whole debate.  I have a job, which I love and which provides me a lifestyle I enjoy — but it’s not without a lot of work and is not political.  The two people who targeted me for disagreeing with them on their blogs hoped that their readers — others — would complain to my boss and either cause me problems at work or get me fired.

More recently the talk show shock jock Michael Berry has tried to figure out who I am and more specifically where I work via the email he has sent me.  It’s my previous experience with these bloggers that makes it impossible for him to figure it out.   Otherwise, I assure  you, things would be different.  In some ways I think it is Michael Berry’s inability to figure out who I am that provokes such anger in him directed toward me.

It’s much like his targeting of a single sheriff in Arizona and his fake dramatic pleas about the child killed.  He didn’t have any sympathy for a woman that he grew to hate when she had an emotional breakdown when her child’s killer was set free.  In Arizona, no less.  No, he pounds her.  Today, it’s different.

I think Michael Berry’s stalking of a member of congress — and encouraging his followers to do the same is just the result of Lone Star Times shutting down.  The slandering of a member of congress experienced a gap in Houston, and Michael Berry took up the charge, much like a lowly drummer rescues the falling flag on a battle field and becomes the hero.

Like in history.


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