Michael Berry Justifies Slavery

After reading from a NY Times article, Michael Berry tries to address the problem Republicans had with reading some of the more — let’s say — unsavory, yet important — part of the Constitution today.  This, after asserting that a particular Democratic Congressman (Berry’s second favorite) stated that the Constitution is racist — which Jessie Jackson Jr. did not do . . . but that’s just another Michael Berry Lie and is par for the course.

Berry in his own words:

Yeah, the original constitution had a compromise by which the difficult question that the nation was struggling with at the time as to how slaves would be counted would would the presence of slaves who were in fact humans children of god would they also require  representation would they count toward representation cuz I don’t anybody thinks or suggested at that time or would at this point that they were somehow represented would they be counted as a full person because they were not in fairness to the argument the purely political science argument there was a fair point to be made how can a person who themselves are not getting to vote be represented how could you have more representatives from regions that were heavy in slaves when in fact those slaves those slaves were not actually able to elect the person does the south could not get the benefit of  hey we have a million people living here and the fact that those million people were not getting to elect a representative what they were doing was empowering southern whites cuz it’s all to a power of vaccuum somebodies gonna occupy a space so it was a fair argument it was a a issue with which our nation struggled

As most of you may know, I can listen to the worst shit and still rebound.  Today i just had to turn the man off.  I hope someone tried to call in and correct him, but his LIAR-FU is strong.

I’m still cleaning up after his lie about the Medal of Honor recipient, which was a sad piece of work by him and his employee Clayton.

I guess there is not much you can do with a a poor white boy from Orange who makes it big and still has a chip on his shoulder from all of those black boys that made him feel small.

Oh, and Michael Berry is writing a book!  Hello!  It’s about political activism now.  (it has changed)  I wonder if he will go back and resource his failed mayoral campaign.

Good times, Michael, good times, and like you could get any political consultant to work with you — even the dirtiest wouldn’t.

Thank goodness his wife has a job.


One response to “Michael Berry Justifies Slavery

  1. Weird. Why is it so difficult to admit that this country got off to its relatively thriving start on the backs of slaves? And that the founding fathers dropped the ball on the whole question of the evil of slavery (or, rather, they kicked the ball into the court of a future generation, since a fair number of them acknowledged that it would get ugly at some point)? I’d hate to hear Berry try to explain why “in fairness to the argument” it sorta kinda made sense that the Germans should invade Poland & Russia etc., and then, once they were there, it sorta kinda made sense to exterminate them. I expect he thinks he’s being very clever and helping his listeners expand their horizons by pretending he’s some sort of human time machine.

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