Long Day

I’m done.   Today was a crazy day and it’s not even over.  The saving grace is that I will teach classes that I know by heart and the first day will be no problem.  I will still probably go in this weekend to work.

One thing I don’t like is always teaching upper levels.  Common sense would indicate that you have your best teachers at the top levels, but I still think that lower levels are just as difficult to teach and just as if not more important.

But hey, I’m not in charge of those decisions.

I’ve got grammar, grammar and writing.  All texts for those classes are ones I know by heart — funny thing — I would love to teach text free.  But students expect homework and exercises.  I would love for my students to have the liberty to write as I do.

Sadly, they can’t.  I will put them through the rigors of sentence structure, summarizing and essay writing (without cheating or translating!) for six weeks.

I love writing.  It is the best thing in the world.  You take what you know and apply yourself.

It is the record of our lives.  We can choose to live the life we have or make things up to get attention, but in the end it is still writing.  I still have this hope that Michael Berry’s publisher has enough sense to run his galley by me before publishing it.  HOPEY!!!!

Tomorrow is another important day.   I will have pics up by the end of the day.


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