Robin’s Big Day

Robin had an appointment at 2:00 p.m. at Houston SPCA today.

Here’s our sweet girl in the back of the car — somewhat wary of her first trip.

Even though our trip was a little longer because I had to go by the bank, there was not one peep out of our brave girl.

Here she is waiting for her turn in line at the SPCA.  There was a sad couple at the front when we arrived.  I gathered later that the adorable puppy they had with them was put down due to parvo or distemper.   It’s the second time I’ve been there when that was the case.  It’s so very sad.

The people in front of us had a tiny injured and very dirty kitten.  It looked Siamese, so as long as it survives, its chances of getting adopted are probably very good.

Finally, it’s our girl’s turn.  I took her out of the carrier and she was so very sweet.  She’s a loud little purring machine.

Looking forward to her next adventure.  The intake person asked me if she was afraid of anything.  I said I didn’t know, but she was being pretty fearless for such a small little kitten.  Just then a very big dog went gallumping and slobbering by.  Our girl was a champ.  She pulled back a bit, but there was no fear, no tremblings, no hissing.

Her picture is already up here.  (You have to scroll a bit to find her — just look for her name — Robin.)

After Robin was a sail,  I went to look at the other cats and dogs and kittens and puppies and rabbits up for adoption.   There was one kitten, named Mufasa, who was sleeping in his litter pan (it was clean).  He got up out of the pan when I stopped at his window and seemed very friendly.  Later he was back in it.   I’m always surprised at how many people are adopting and how many are looking even on a weekday afternoon.

Check on Robin regularly!  I’ll keep her situation updated as best I can.

Here’s to a happy life for  her and whoever her forever family turns out to be.


4 responses to “Robin’s Big Day

  1. Yay for Robin! I’ll be checkin’ on her each day (and hopefully somebody will swoop her up quickly) …

    2nd dentist event went okay (1 quadrant scaled & 1 tooth pulled) … next event a week from Thursday which was the earliest afternoon they had … I think everybody’s a little surprised that I’m barreling through it but it’ll be good to get through the demolition to the land of just plain ol’ regular maintenance …
    I’ll give ya a buzz at work tomorrow (Th.) & will hopefully swing by for a bit before rehearsal …

  2. She was great — not surprisingly. She’s been a very playful and friendly girl from the beginning. I feel bad for Atilla. He seemed a little lost this evening at dinnertime. Two out of four tamed from that litter is better than most major leaguers, so I’m happy. I’ll get the last three taken care of this month.

    I’m glad you survived the dentist. We can talk about it more later. Or tomorrow. And since I’m feeling inclined, I may get you to go ahead and help me get Atilla in the trap and I’ll take him in on Saturday — unless I find out that he’s too little. (I’ll call tomorrow and find out.)

    Enjoy your soft food dinner!

  3. ha ha … flan, pudding, mashed potatoes … yumbo!

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