We Survived!

No one’s house was burned down in the enthusiasm over the new year, yet there are people setting loud sounding things off tonight again  . . .

Today, I slept in.  I didn’t intend to, but that’s what happened.  I hope I made up for it.

I built a 7′ x 3′ x 1′ bed to fit around the three bushes I cut down to a stump.  I sprayed them with brush killer and covered them with biodegradable bags.  Tomorrow I will put the last of the leaf mold from last year in and perhaps sow some flower seeds.

Having cleared out the tomatoes, I reinforced (with leaf mold), fertilized and prepared bed #6 for cabbage and radishes.  They are planted and watered.  And protected from the HORRID KITTENS.  I will have to water them at least once, if not twice a day.

After chores tomorrow, I will replace bed #7 and hopefully plant lettuce.  Hopefully, I can get to Lowes for more of the bricks I need to build the beds for the fruit trees.  Roberto had the best idea ever — put the pond where the deck was.  I think that’s why I’ve never gotten it into the ground.  I will be the perfect spot — between the two fruit trees.

Thanks Roberto!


5 responses to “We Survived!

  1. Count me in on the pond assemblage! And, of course, the fruit tree acquisition. It should be fun & we’ll have to remember to document the change as we go along (like with the kitty house construction) …
    did your Facebook mission work out? I’m still a Neanderthal in that department …
    talk to ya later … and thank god the fireworks have come and gone (and thank dog for the rainy days leading up to them)
    Happy New Year!

    • YaY! about the pond finally. Did you ever talk to your friend about a pump? If not, that’s ok because I think with the plants I will buy, it will be ok. I think putting the pond where the deck used to be is genius.

      The fruit trees will take about 100 bricks. We/I will bring them home about 20 or so at a time.

      I pulled down most but not all of the moonplants today. It made me sad, but I collected all of the seeds I could and so they will cover the front fence next spring.

      I hauled the last of the decomposting bags out from behind the garage and put it all in the new bed in front of the garage. I also pulled up all of the wondering jew, so there is a pathway on the driveway side of the deck. If the freeze doesn’t kill off what’s left, then I’ll dig it out.

  2. You’ve done so much work! This is one of your more productive vacations, I think! Just to let you know: I’m going to the dentist (!!! super triple-eeek!!!) this afternoon & will buzz ya later & give you the hopefully-not-too-awful details … also, I will give our roofer friend a call tomorrow …
    you guys stay warm … supposed to get cloudy later today & then drizzly tomorrow … oh, forgot to mention that there is a Cricket (cell phone) booth at your local Fiesta …

  3. Are you keeping an eye on next week’s weather? A couple of folks here have been talking about some extreme Siberian front that is expected to hit us next week, with a couple of sub-freezing days, etc. So maybe this weekend we could put any protective measures in the garden or for OKs into play? Just in case!

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