Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the the Confederacy


When the Rebs stop celebrating that, I’ll give African Americans a little break about reparations and such.

It’s one of the lowest points in Texas history.  Having won against a dictatorship in Mexico, Texas went on, because of money, to join the states and then join the confederacy.  Our state is still under scrutiny wrt civil rights, as it should be.  These republicans can’t be trusted.

They are feeling their oats to the point that they are even trying to knock off their own speaker.

While I don’t think that will happen, it could.  My hope lies in Jessica and Garnett.  They have proven their leadership.   Let the Republicans destroy themselves.

The worst the republicans can do is voter ID.  And that could get tripped up mightily legally.

They may try to get guns on campus, but I don’t think UT or UH or Rice will go for that and will fight it tooth and nail.

And while the republicans got a Hispanic elected to Chet Edwards seat, they got a whitebread fat boy elected in the valley, so their diversification is a wash.  They maintain the white wash in the state legislature.

The GOP in Texas is still very white and crazy.

Coming back around to my premise:  when white boys stop celebrating their traitorous civil war, I’ll  come down on African Americans.

The former is not gonna happen.


2 responses to “Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the the Confederacy

  1. And Haley Barbour torpedoed any “higher office” daydreams he might have been harboring with his Trent Lott moment, basically saying the Klan did a fine job keeping things in order during the 50s & 60s … what a fool …

    • OT but Dora seems to like the Peruvian singing tenor on the teevee (PBS) tonight. She got up off the couch and is now trotting around but not begging. Who knew? It’s actually quite good.

      Back to the point at hand, at least here in Texas, the Rebel Yell isn’t as strong now, but in the rest of the South it is. So as soon as they stop regaling in their treason, I’ll stop supporting African-Americans in their quest for equal treatment, reparations, all that. And around that same time, I’ll stop pointing out their racism as soon as they give it up.

      It only seems fair.

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