I’m Doing the Turkey

In the past, my mom has bought a turkey for Christmas dinner.

We only had to reheat it.

This year I am making this roast turkey.  I’m not going to go all Jamie Julia, but I do want to chronicle it.  I’ve made a Thanksgiving turkey before, but have never had my whole family counting on me for the bird.

At the moment, I am dehydrating the bread for the handful of crumbs I’ll need in the morning, along with some tomatoes.  It’s Mrs. Baird’s bread.  I’ve got a big plastic zip lock ready to put it in.

I chopped the pork already.

The rest will wait until the morning.

As well pictures.

2 responses to “I’m Doing the Turkey

  1. I’ll be checkin in from Austin! After I dust off my sister’s brand new computer of course!

    • Well, I didn’t take pics because I got all caught up in the anxiety of using a new recipe.

      It’s4:25 and the bird is in the fridge, double covered with foil. It’s thighs and wings fell off when I lifted it out of the pan.

      I hope it comes out ok. I tasted the little bits that were left in the pan. It’s hasn’t killed me . . . yet. At first is smelled real garlic-y. Maybe it still does and I just can’t tell because the whole house has smelled this way for nearly 5 hours. If it turns out to be garlic with turkey, I’ll just put a gun to my head. . . . .

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