Achievements Day by Day

Well, I looked back on my vacation today and had some trouble remembering what I had gotten done last week.  This week is a very different story.

This is what part of the deck in the backyard used to look like:

(Junie!  My scenario is that someone trapped her in the same mass trapping sceme that caught Big Guy, that someone realized she is tame,  and that she is now happily and inside cat.)

This part of the deck was 16′ x 8′.  I pulled all 34+ boards and stacked them in the driveway.

I’ll haul them out for the next heavy trash (non-tree!) which I think will be in February.  The feral kittens have used it as a place to play king of the hill the past few days.  I will try to get some video of that.

Behind the stack are the bushes I cut down — two were responsible for the aphid invasion of last spring — which retarded my bean patch —  and a couple of weed bushes that I let get out of control.  Those will go out in the tree-trash the first week in January.

Back to the deck.  Taking out the planks left three supporting posts that I needed to dig out.   I guess I could have left them in the ground, but I want to plant two fruit trees in this space, and given that I am gardening without chemicals and the posts are pressure treated wood, they had to come out.

The post in the center (still in the ground) I dug out first.  I was just trying to see where the bottom was.  The trench in the lower right corner is the result of my recalculation.  The posts were too heavy for me to pull up out of the ground even after I had freed them.  I decided to dig in a way that let me roll them out using the crowbar.

(My sometimey helper Harry there!)

The second two were easy to roll out.  I went back and dug a slope for the third one and finally got it out.

Rolling them out of their holes was harder than it will be to roll them out to the ditch in February.


Learning to use a trowel while I was in college — doing an archeological dig of the changes in slave to freed in Brazoria county — has been a life long treasure to me.  I swear I can clean more space with a trowel than anyone can with a shovel.

So.  Let’s have a look at the garden, shall we?

Beets and rutabagas.


These two will make their way to Austin and then be made into a happy side dish for Christmas dinner.  YaY!

We’ve almost come through the blight on the squash plants.  I have been spraying them with a water and milk solution.  I lost the winter squash after harvesting only two 😦

Finally, the kittens.  I didn’t get pics of all of them, but here are three:



Sweet Harry.  Crazy tomatoes.


One response to “Achievements Day by Day

  1. Great post! Your amazing productivity is reminding me what this holiday has been about for the last few years (getting good things done & in order & resting from hard work at day jobs & hanging with babies etc.) … and thanks again for all the fabulous additions to the Christmas day meal (& the Christmas eve snacks … imagine hummus & olives & pickles etc. while the Pope natters on & on) …
    Harry’s such a good kitty boy! And Fanny is a sweetheart! (and the others are of course each special in his/her own little quadraped way)

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