Kroger has a Pet Food Recall; I’m all whew. . .

The press lease is here.

I bought dry food for the Outside Kittens from Kroger last, but thankfully, I hadn’t thrown the bag away yet.  Though it was the same size, the sell by date nor the UPC date matched.

What a relief!


2 responses to “Kroger has a Pet Food Recall; I’m all whew. . .

  1. Thanks for the link! I checked it and so am ‘whew……’ing along with you. I actually stopped there (Kroger’s) to stock up on treats for the boys & their ‘classic seafood’ cans after work … although first I swung by & helped my sister load up her kitties for the latest trip to their new home … quite a feat as one of ’em was hiding under the bed in a room where there were no lights …

    I’ll try & give you a buzz tomorrow (reg workday time?)

    okay talk to ya later

    • YaY! we all dodged that bullet, though I feel for the pet owners who are affected.

      It could be shelters or more likely poorer pet owners. They might not get the message in time and therefore spend money on their sick pets that they can’t afford, or miss it altogether and their pets might die.

      That is the worst part.

      I’m going to dismantle the deck tomorrow with Harry’s help, so if you call around 4 that would be cool 🙂

      Oh and your CD is on backorder, sorry!

      And succumbed to the Amazon “get it now” lure and ordered the ceiling fan. I’m thinking I will call Robert the electrician and see if his installation will withstand the new roof or not. I’m thinking he will say yes. Then I can get the fan installed and the plug fixed after Christmas.

      Not talking with you makes me chatty 😉

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