Today was a GOOD Day

I listened to C-Span this morning instead of KUHF.

That the Dream Act didn’t pass was a really sad moment, but then came the DADT cloture vote, and I was relieved.

Later in the morning, my mom and one of my nieces got over a big HAHAHA on me when I thought I was late to the party today.  This is the Saturday that we come together to recreate the recipes of my grandmothers — women my three nieces never got to meet in person, but whom they get to meet through food.

It became apparent midway through that I was into it more than anyone else.

I helped (a lot) with the sugar cookies and made the icing, found the food coloring and pointed out that my sister had an excellent idea (she released her hostility for a moment after that (KUMBAYAH  and all that).

I then made cheese stuffed chilies.  Breaded with flour and cornmeal.  While everyone else chopped my freaking tomatoes that I grew in my backyard without any chemicals, and onions and shredded some lettuce.

At one point, I dropped a bowl of sugar, flour and starch into a bowl of hot milk, and shouted.

Nobody cared.

I wailed.

Nobody care.

My brother walked over and stood right next to me as I asked for help, hot milk and sugar water splashed all over me and finally asked if I needed help.


I reminded them of the time poor old granny took a dive on the kitchen floor and I was the only one who came to her rescue.

I probably didn’t score any long term points with that, but I did get instant self-conscious laughs.

There’s more about how SANTA hurt the poor little girl who made cookies for him, after having hated him for her entire life and my sister over-reacting to a handful of words I said to her.  UGH.

But when I got home, I checked in here and saw that DADT was history.

The wingnuts on the radio I listen to try to make out like the House shifting to the Dems in 2006 caused the economic problems.  I know why they do that.  There are lots of people on the left that forget how long it took to get Franken into office.

This went down just as President Obama had asked.  Just vote to repeal DADT.

That DREAM didn’t get through today, well, Reid is still working the Senate and working it hard.   It could come up again.

i have hope.


2 responses to “Today was a GOOD Day

  1. Awesome. I lost both my grandparents this year within 2 monhs of eahc other. They were married almost 73 years. And food is the connection I share with my children. Memories are so tasteful. Happy Holidays!

    • Happy Holidays to you as well!

      I like this tradition. One other thing it has turned into is a way for all of us to get last minute ideas about gifts. I didn’t get much this time around, though. My sister-in-law is a tough one.

      About the recipes, my mom couldn’t find my grandmother’s recipe for banana pudding, but I found one online and then read it to her. She told me it sounded right. While I was making it, I knew it was right by its aroma. Later, I knew it was right by the taste: delicious!

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