Stupid theocrat (for ISRAEL!) believes what he hears without one doubt.

The man published it yesterday — a month after the Medal of Honor ceremony.  He doesn’t seem to get that his lies — based on Michael Berry’s words — don’t really hurt the president, but rather make a farce of the ceremony to honor a man who is so very humble and worthy.

He’s yet another one who just doesn’t get it.

I’m not letting this go underground.  I will stop it or try to at every chance I get.

And it’s not because of the president — especially at this point — it’s because I don’t want this ceremony, this honor, to become just another political point.  Giunta saved people.  His honor and the recognition of it shouldn’t be abused like this.  It’s just wrong.

Tell Michael Berry he is wrong here. And despite what he says, he reads every single negative email.  Every single one.  Bombard him.


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