It Seems that I am in the Future!

I am following it and am actively involved in helping my mom and sister-in-law abide by this ordinance.  I have spent a lot of money getting feral cats neutered and spayed.  Let’s look over the list, just since I have been a homeowner:
That kitten that I didn’t know was around
I have spent several hundreds of dollars getting cats and dogs spayed and neutered.
And yet, for Michael Berry, I am the problem.
Here’s the transcript from my call.  Of course, the fact that he lied about the Medal of Honor “winner” wasn’t allowed and even after calling his phone monkey back didn’t do any good.  Phone monkey had to go pottie.

Oh good.  We’ve got ahh we’ve got our little blogger on the line.  Uhh Michelle or Emily or whatever alias you’reyou’re calling in as today.

Who?   Michelle.

What’s up Michelle?  How are ya?

I’m fine. How about you?

I’m good what’s up?

I just wanted to let you know that the cats that I wrote about, that you were referring to, they’re feral cats.  (he breathes over me here)


Yeah, and remember back when you were on the city council, you know, here in Houston, do you remember that?  You supported a trap, neuter release program, right?

I don’t believe I did.

I just saw it on the internet, you did. I remember it.

I spoke in favor of trap, neuter release, oh yeah yeah.  Actually I did.  I remember that.
Yeah.  BARC had that.

Wow. Ok.


You know the reason for that?  Because of Hoarders like you.
(at this point, he cut me off the air)
We’ve got hoarders.  People like you that you let your cats run loose and you end up with a hundred of em and they keep impregnating the neighborhood cats and you keep taking them in and it’s not just because a bunch of stray cats are nasty for the neighborhoods it’s to save you from yourself women like you are frightening and there’s a lot of you you are the only stalker I have that listens to every minute of every show looks me up on the internet sends me emails despretly asks to come to work for me on Monday and by Tuesday hates me you are the only one and I’m not one to go and agressively do things to protect people from themselves but people like you have to be protected from themself because it’s a sickness you got all these cats the they just more and more and more and you’re growin fatter and nastier by the day and their urine is all over your house and so A you’re not gonna find a man nobody wants to come in the house and b if something god forbid was to happen then we gotta come in and clean all the cats out and that’s filthy  c you got your windows open and there’s probably cats runnin al throught he neighborhood tryin to bother other people n d you get angry when anybody else tries to deal with the cat population so what we’re really tryin to do is save you from yourself

What’s up with this abcd shit?   Perhaps he is taking a writing class.  I applied for the job that his last research money had because I am clearly better at it.  I research the shit out of what Michael Berry yaps about and can disprove it quickly.  I gave him a chance to up his game.  He decided to make me into a cat lady.

3 responses to “It Seems that I am in the Future!

  1. Wow. I never got to listen to that podcast…but wow. How sad and bitter he is. And the lack of making sense gave me a migraine. How do you contribute to the cat problem if you are neutering them? Does he not see the sad circle he made for himself?! The urine he must have been smmelling may have been from his own soiled Depends. And the saving you from yourself bit…hmm…but he doesn’t want anyone stepping in. Right? Telling us what to do or eat…right? We rule ourselves. Right Michael? The fatties that stuff their faces full of Big Macs can just stop. No one needs to save them from themselves…right Michael? Learn to make some sense, man. And yes, I’m speaking to him here because we all know he’s reading every single spec on this blog insatiably. Kind if like a stalker. Oh the mighty power of the mute button on the air.

  2. Good God. If anyone needs saving from themselves my vote would be for Michael Berry. Someone please pry his white-knuckled hands off of his mic before his head explodes on the air. As I was reading the transcript 2 of the adjectives which he used came immediately to mind. Michael Berry’s mind is a truly ugly nasty place.
    (oh, and he bets he hates rabbits as much as he does cats)

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