So, for some reason Michael Berry decided to go off on me today

Michael Berry, a radio host who gets paid to sit on his ass and lie two hours a day, decided that he would talk about me on his show today.  How do I know?  He referred specifically to the post below.  He called me names, like an adult would, finally settling on his favorite “hoarder” because he thinks it will insult me if he points out that I am following city ordinances by trapping, neutering and releasing the ferals around my house.

I called in and told his screener I had two points.  One was about the cats, the other about his lying about the Medal of Honor ceremony last month.

Berry didn’t remember at first that he had supported the city ordinance requiring trap-neuter-release.  And after I pointed that out to him, he cut me off and went on a nice long rant about all of the cats he thinks I have in my house.

I decided that since he reads this blog all the time I would show him which pets live in the house.  I give you Dora, a German Pointer (that’s bird-dog to you country boy Michael Berry), Tammy, a Chow Chow mix, and my baby Murphy a pit bull-lab mix.


6 responses to “So, for some reason Michael Berry decided to go off on me today

  1. Great pix of the babies! Ha ha about thin-skinned Berry … So, this rabbit walks into a drugstore …. ha ha ha ….

    • Once the audio is up, I will type up a transcript. (The audio software I have is beta and can’t export to an MP3 or anything. That’s something I need to fix.)

      He’s a nasty sumbitch and even threatened me with legal action today in an email (it’s all hot air, don’t worry). I can understand his frustration, since I’ve been giving him the “timmie” treatment.

      Good times.

    • Murph was in mid sneeze, but that pic showed his teeth, so I published it.

      I love my pups 🙂

  2. Legal action? On what grounds? The guy is a “public figure”, a “celebrity”, with his very own radio soapbox and he gets bent over a little fact-checking & gadfly criticism? Hell, if the wimp can’t stand the heat then it’s high time he got out of the kitchen.

  3. Please note: this comment is from Michael Berry.

    Hoarders unite. Cat urine.

    Why don’t you add that you swore it wasn’t you who was emailing me, until you figured out that I had spent some resources to figure out who you are!


    I’m VERY proud you have 2 readers! Cat urine, unite!

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