Michael Berry Spew

A Really Sad Update:

Michael Berry is trying to comment on this and other posts.  So SAD.

Michael, enjoy your family on vacation.  I am, you should too.

This will last until I get around to transcribing his broadcast.

I heard you on one of the upcoming issues of “hoarders”

I love your conversations about your cats

I bet your place smells like their urine

No wonder you’re so angry

Sad little blog provides GREAT entertainment to me.  keep writing, hoarder, it’s fun.  Do you pay the bills off that?  Oh, that’s right.

Keep listenin, hoarder lady.

Talk Show Host

Isn’t that cute?

You poor, pitiful wretch.You don’t like me.  Got that.But take stock of your life.You sit and listen to the radio all day, hating what you hear.Please, for the love of anything DECENT, give away some of those cats, the cat urine is making you smell for miles.Buh, buh, hoarder lady.  Think about it.  Nobody likes you, not EVEN your feral cats.


Talk Show Host

Beat me up talker boy!

Good, you urine infested catwoman

Go away

Drown in your own venom

You are a hateful, evil bitch.  I was on the verge of dealing with you legally if you continued to write me in such hateful ways.

Now go live in your cat-hell and never contact me again.


Talk Show Host

MICHAEL BERRY CLOWN would better characterizer it.


6 responses to “Michael Berry Spew

  1. Insane. He grooms his sheeple like this. Wow. I’m speechless. I didn’t listen today as a welcomed break…but now I have to go find the podcast.

    • One caller actually agreed with me, and there were a couple of others who agreed on his stupid Facebook page. Others at the same time took some exception that you comment here and on his Facebook page.

      We are a conspiracy!

  2. I have some that agree with me as well…but I tend to get the most attention of them. The sheeple mentality is insane. Uh yeah…conspiracy riots you and I. Geez. I even had a lady (Diane) that attempted to battle the wits the other day. Poor thing didn’t come armed. The racial tone Berry allows…then denies…but encourages floors me. Idiots. Honestly, its not hard to pick on him as ugly and pathetically as he did with you. Pasty sad impotent sack of flesh. But I digress.

  3. Exactly. We don’t always agree…yet somehow we’re able to not bite each others heads off either. Very exhausting indeed.

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