Medal of Honor Family in Third Row?

No.  Not even close.

So do you believe this guy, chummy with Andrew Breitbart?

Or your lying eyes?

Complain to CBS here for Clay’s stealing of images from their broadcast.


5 responses to “Medal of Honor Family in Third Row?

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  2. He most likely doesn’t know how to check his facts … he’s never felt obliged to apologize or correct himself on air for his innumerable mistakes & outright lies so why start now? It might bewilder his dwindling audience if he stopped being a mental slob.

    • Mark, just try to post that link on Clayton’s youtube channel or send it to Michael Berry. Clayton will delete it and Berry will ignore it. They have made their point and they have no shame. It doesn’t matter that it’s all a lie. They don’t care as long as it lets them advance their political agenda.

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