Just in case I didn’t have enough for the gift bowls for Wed., I collected a big bowl and a half of pecans from the back yard.  They are now in the dehydrator/ room heater.  I put whole pecans in because when I shelled them before Thanksgiving, most were sticky and difficult to shell.  I’m hoping that drying them in the whole will make them easier to shell.

Which I will get to this weekend because:


First I made some granola with oats, honey, brown sugar, cinnamon, and olive oil.  Then I washed all of the bowls and lids.  After that, I mixed equal parts granola, bananas, pineapple, cranberries, mango, apples and chocolate chips.  I filled the bowls only to find not all of the lids fit properly — I didn’t think I would have to match them up . . . but I think they will all be ok.  They are in the fridge now.  I’ll tie bows to tape onto the tops and then make a squash casserole for the potluck on Wednesday.

I was so worried yesterday that I wouldn’t be able to fill all of the bowls I had a panic attack.

But even with this success (and the catching of Mommy kitten), I think I will have another panic attack or more until I get all of my Christmas shopping done and I trap the last two kittens.

I released Mommy this evening.  She was greeted by Toes and her last little outside baby.   She didn’t get a stinky-face, but rather love.

This vacation can’t come too soon.  I have so many things to do and all of this work stuff just gets in the way 😉



3 responses to “Success!

  1. Yay! About the bowls & mommycat too.

    • I’ve gotten pretty good at making the squash casserole, so it was easy tonight. I’m so ready to get this work stuff out of the way and get back to working on the house and yard.

      And the kittens. When I open the door in the evening to feed them, they rush towards me, then each one has to run in front of me and look back to make sure I am going to feed them. In the mornings, they all come rushing out from under the house and then do the same thing as I make my way to the back of the yard.

      You were right, I love having these kittens, though I miss Junebug and Braveheart so much.

  2. I know, those guys were very special, and also Oliver, who I still remember hustling back up the sidewalk after we scolded him for being so far from home.

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