I Found the Idiot and Other Tales from a Sunday

The Excalibur Dehydrator is also a nice heater.  Even though it was cold out, I didn’t turn the heat on until about 9 p.m.  Of course, I had a little heater in Mommy’s room, since she is in recovery (she’s ready to get out, but has to wait until tomorrow evening).

I’ve dehydrated about 10 bananas, 4  pineapples, 4 mangoes, almost 2 lbs. of cranberries, and now a 5lb. bag of apples in the dehydrator.   I got anxious ( I hate how much time that eats up — I’m better now)  earlier today that it wouldn’t be enough to fill all of the decorative bowls for my colleagues, so I got some stuff to make some oat granola to stretch it out.  I’ll write more about and add pics from my dehydrating adventures later.

Remember when Michael Berry used the Medal of Honor “winner” to disparage the president?  Well, I found the guy who claims to have written the erroneous and idiotic email.   He’s very proud of himself and even gets in a dig at SJL.   While my comments on the video still stand, he’s deleted almost all of the ones I made on his youtube channel page (I’m kgirlhost).  He’s a liar and a coward.  Who would have thought?  He claims to have served our country, but I doubt it.  Perhaps he is his community whiner, or perhaps he is a King Street Patriot or Tenther.  I don’t know.  But for sure, he is someone who cloys to a hero and tries to make the hero’s cause into his own, much like his other hero Michael Berry does.


2 responses to “I Found the Idiot and Other Tales from a Sunday

  1. Big Snowy Nosey Blue Bear!!! What a great picture.
    Oh, I just thought of this (for your Xmas bowls, as a way to fill them up) … I’ve seen different types of recipes for spicing up popcorn (not just caramel or sweet stuff), you could always line the bottoms of the bowls with something like that??? or… pecans????
    Oh, more off-topicness: the movie I was telling you about is: “Brooklyn’s Finest”, directed by Antoine Fuqua (‘Tears of the sun’, ‘Training day’ etc.) and starring Richard Gere, Don Cheadle (yay), Ethan Hawke, & Wesley Snipes (double-yay), about 3 different cops dealing with burn-out, corruption, & being undercover … parts of it are pretty brutal but I thought it was pretty good overall, and the parts with Don & Wesley were really good … I actually liked it more than ‘The Departed’, because it wasn’t as burdened by Scorcese’s incurable need to be profound (and Ethan Hawkes’ screwy Catholicism certainly rang truer to me than other takes on it have) … although I still recommend ‘The Departed’, not so much for the principal stars but for the supporting bits by Alec Baldwin and especially Mark Wahlberg, who has never been better, I think …

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