A Somewhat Exciting Day

I started today yesterday by making the difficult decision of not feeding the feral kittens.  My trap is not standard — I lost the trip to the trap and had to jerry-rig it.  After capturing Fanny, UnPop, Dot and that silly kitty-girl, I had a string of just trapping the littlest kitten, and more often, possums.  Once I wasn’t able to get the possum out of the trap, so I disabled my jerry-rigged trap.  After that I caught no one.

I was so worried about Mommy being pregnant again and having her go through yet another pregnancy, and then having even more kittens, that I got up early and set the trap with salmon and then waited on the deck for a taker.  Mostly my baby Harry tried to eat the salmon — poor boy has never gone without a meal since he came here.  I kept him out, but then I ran out of coffee.

Toes was in the trap when I got back outside, but he didn’t trip it.  Sigh.

I was ready to take the next step.  I tied a string to the trap’s trip lever and rolled it out further back on the driveway.  I baited the trap again and waited.   I read my gardening book for about 15 minutes before Dot (already fixed) and Mommy started circling the trap.  A couple of minutes later I pulled the string and Mommy was in the trap.

It was 9:00 o’clock.  I called SNAP, and they told me I had to get her there by 10:00.  I did, of course.

What a relief.  Seriously.  A HUGE RELIEF.

Then the Excalibur Dehydrator I bought was delivered.  I wish now I had gone to the store and gotten my project started.  Alas.

Then Roberto called and came over and we watched Hell’s Kitchen and got all caught up in that and discussing life and music and politics and kittens and puppies.  Then he left.

I got my shopping list together and then got in the shower just when the nice guy at SNAP called to say that Mommy got through her surgery and was in recovery and I could pick her up at 4:45.  Did I say that Mommy was ok with getting trapped?  Looking back on it, I think the kittens are wondering at my lack of skill at catching them.  Fanny, Dot, and now Mommy have all been the sweetest kittens in the trap.  I think the trust me just a bit.

I went to our Super Kroger’s (which is on the way to SNAP) and bought what I needed.

I picked up sweet  girl.  Everyone at SNAP commented on what a sweet girl she is.  Mommy is now in the utility room, with one of the safe heaters on — with wet food and water.  No hissing, or hostility.  She trusts me.  She will go back to he tribe Monday evening.  And one last thing about Mommy — she wasn’t pregnant — so all of my worries were wasted.  Stupid me.

Since 6:00, I have been making dried tomatoes in this wonderful machine:

It’s made in the USA.

Oh!  Now it’s time to check them! They need to go bit more.  I hope to get the tomatoes out and the pineapple and cranberries in before I go to bed.   Oh, I have forgotten one point:  my plan is to make pineapple, cranberry, apple, mango, pecan bowls for my colleagues.  I bought some glass bowls with covers, which I will fill, and then put a bow on top — but I think I will have to run the Excalibur 24/7 for the next three days to achieve it.


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