Proof of Trouble Brewing at KPRC Radio

I know that this mostly just interests me, but c’mon, it’s fun to watch a wingnut radio station going down the tubes, no?

AM radio KPRC (trying to rebrand as “the 9-5-0” after the Matthews ordeal) is now dealing with another controversy.  Chris Baker has disappeared again!

Back in the day, radio personalities could be shuffled from one market to another and no one would really ever put two and two together.  Today?  No more.  I was the first to track down Retarded Chris Baker when Michael Berry fired him and now (after many hits on my post about it) lots of the radio station listeners have found Baker in Minneapolis.

I am laughing my ASS OFF.

Just look at the uprising at KPRC’s Facebook page (in newest first order):

And these are the people who think they can change the country by voting once AND have the people they voted for listen to them.  When even you local AM radio station won’t listen to you, how powerful are you?     Since Chris Baker is not on the air in Houston, not so powerful.

To me it seems that AM radio listeners are just loud but not powerful, and AM radio is just loud but not powerful — except in as far as they have Republican politicians convinced of their nonexistent power and they can lie about the numbers behind their supposed support.

And just as a side note — core listeners don’t seem to care much for PagLIARulo — he gives them a headache.  Good thing I have a strong inner core — otherwise I wouldn’t be able to bring you the crazy!


3 responses to “Proof of Trouble Brewing at KPRC Radio

  1. I hope more and more people write on the 9-5-0’s wall about Baker being gone and more and more about hating Pag’s. He’s not funny, witty or original. He’s like someone’s 83 year old Popo who’s so stuck in his ways you just listen and nod your head because you don’t want to ‘upset’ him by correcting or disagreeing with him. Berry’s just…well…a moron for lack of a better word.

    I yoinked (with props of course) some from this post to my blog.

  2. Sounds like Baker had a big following, they should try to find somebody like him, should not be to hard. Is Roger Gray out of jail yet?

    • Not really, just a few squeaky wheels and the station is ignoring them. It’s pretty entertaining. They know Berry is in charge of programming and the two of them have clashed before. Berry has to be the big dog. That’s the problem with Baker. Two complete idiots fighting over air time is entertaining.

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