From the Shopping Reports I Heard

I’m pretty normal, or something.

Actually the first gift of this year I purchased last year as a series.

I bought my own gift today, since I couldn’t bring myself to ask my family to buy it before the 30th so as to get extras including a warranty and free shipping.

So what did I get myself?

A dehydrator made in the USA.


One response to “From the Shopping Reports I Heard

  1. I made the mistake of heading out yesterday around 4:00 to get some aspirin & stuff for the kitties & ran into a huge traffic jam … at first I thought it was overflow Xmas shoppersfrom … Target? the Village? & then finally realized it was people from the football game (by the looks of them & by their overly aggressive driving they seemed to be outside-the-loopers terrified of getting stuck inside when the sun went down on them — I can sympathize, I get spooked when I’m in their gated community shangri-las the same way)

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