I Flopped This Thanksgiving

Nobody liked my yogurt cheese spread.   I forgot to strain the yogurt until this morning, but I thought it would be ok.  I mixed in some dill and then spread it on crackers.  I sliced some of the plum tomatoes from the garden and then — to my horror — realized that I had bought crushed olives instead of sliced.  I put the tomato slices on the crackers with the yogurt cheese and then a bit of the crushed olives.  Nobody liked it.    More for me, I guess.

Some liked the ugly Ham and Swiss spread that I made from an internet recipe.  It looked like oil.  It tasted so-so.

I made a squash casserole with the summer squash I picked from the garden.  Nobody cared.  I took some pickles and pickled okra.  My mom was the only one who ate any of it.  I’m sure she felt obliged.  She’s old fashioned that way.

We had dinner from a Tea Shop, mostly because my mom and sister work harder than anyone on the planet has ever.

Funniest moment?  My oldest  niece is learning to play the flute.  Things in middle school are different as far as music goes from when I was going through it.  While I was talking to her about her music class, I asked her if they had chairs.  She looked at me oddly and said yes.  Her mom immediately said no (she was also in band) and we had a good laugh.  My niece had thought I was asking if they literally had chairs to sit in, so she — for an instant — thought I was a moron.  It was funny, trust me.  Even my sister laughed.


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