I don’t approve of the tactics

I see what they have a problem with.

J. David Jentsch, a researcher at UCLA, does this:

Jentsch uses vervet monkeys in his research on methamphetamine addiction and tobacco dependence in teens, along with cognitive disabilities affecting schizophrenia patients. University officials say their animal research is subject to strict oversight, but the work has come under fire from animal rights activists who say it amounts to abuse.

Some of Jentsch’s work has included administering methamphetamine to monkeys and then withdrawing the drug, a project that includes killing about half a dozen of the primates each year for postmortems.

I’m sorry, but do we need to know how bad meth is?  Don’t we have enough voluntary human subjects to get the idea?  Why do that to monkeys?

That the researcher is so defiant leads me to believe he’s just in it for the money.  Look at his picture and you might agree.

There is something wrong with people who use primates for stupid research that can be easily proven.   What is this guy’s hypothesis?  Meth is bad?   Hell yeah and you don’t need to torture monkeys to prove it.



4 responses to “I don’t approve of the tactics

  1. oFF-TOPIC (sorry, Stumpy just stepped on caps-lock) … T is going in for emergency surgery this morning (it’s pretty risky) so we will be at the hospital for today (it’s Friday morning now) … I’ll talk to you later … hope you guys are staying warm …

  2. Ola! … if everything continues as it has for most of today (meaning no crises, & relatively quiet) then I’ll plan on being over in the morning for a few hours … but if something comes up I will give you a buzz …
    hope all is still well with you & the 4-footed tribes …

    • no news is good news in this case, I think.

      Let’s have some breakfast in the morning and then I’ll show you what I got done. It’s modest, but progress.

      Our paws are crossed and thoughts are with you all.

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