A New Post, Just so the Blog Doesn’t Die

I haven’t been inspired to write lately, but I thought I should post at least something.

This is the year for pecans, at least in my yard.  My big old pecan tree does squat for two or three years, and then it decides to rain pecans.  When the wind blows or there’s a squirrel in the tree, the pecans come down like bullets, smashing on the tin roof of the garage and pelting the tomato and squash plants.

I collected pecans all last week, up through Saturday, and put them in a tub full of water.  Sunday, I cracked two large bowls full and ended up picking out about four pounds — more than half in whole halves — if that makes sense.  It took more time than I thought it would.   I’ll give all of them to my family on Thursday, so they can use them for their holiday baking.  I’m thinking that the rest of what I shell I will make into some spicy pecans and give to my colleagues in pretty containers for Christmas.

For Thanksgiving, I’m going to make a squash casserole with pickings from the garden.  I was also charged with preparing snacks, so I’m going to make yogurt cheese and serve it with the pickles I made this summer, as well as pickled okra, which I also made from the garden’s crop, and little cherry tomatoes I picked over the weekend.  I also got the ingredients to make a ham and Swiss cheese hot dip with green onions and brown mustard.

(While I am writing this in spurts, I am watch Globe Trekker.  Tonight it follows the slave trade.  It’s very good.)

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  I get to enjoy being with my family without all of the consumerism that Christmas entails.  I’m a little worried about this Thanksgiving though.  There are some issues that I’d rather not get into either here or with my family that I am afraid will come up.  I am prepared, though.  I plan to handle anything that might come up much like I do a difficult student at work.  Any insult is just a misunderstanding, any conflict can be won over with goodwill.  Just a note — my family is Republican, and my mom and sister in particular are teabaggers in spirit, if not in fact.

(happy thoughts!)

I had hoped to trap one more kitten before the holiday, but changes are slim now.  I trapped the last of Mommy’s last litter yesterday and lit it go — I have time.  I want to trap Toes or especially Mommy.   Right now, Big Guy and Dot are trying to eat the chicken skin bait with their brains.  Paws crossed.


2 responses to “A New Post, Just so the Blog Doesn’t Die

  1. good post, even if you weren’t inspired … btw, yer a good “foodie” writer … ha ha, eating it with their brains … I know exactly what you mean!

  2. I shut the trap down for now. I am tired of dealing with possums.

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