I Think Dora Read This Post Yesterday

It’s here.

She started the annoying whining from the minute I got home and just WOULD NOT STOP.  When I found myself yelling at her, and she just kept getting louder, I decided that either she read that blog post (highly unlikely, since she doesn’t have thumbs) or she is just a normal mentally challenged dog.


2 responses to “I Think Dora Read This Post Yesterday

  1. Simple dog!!! ha ha ha … that was great … there is a lot of Dora there, sad to say!
    oh, btw, we are going to try cooking for the kittehs … started this afternoon with 3 large chicken breasts covered in water in crock pot … after 4 hours the water is excellent broth! … Koshka approved & so did Stumpers … the other 2 haven’t tried it yet … also managed to get a fair amount of fluids into K, so we’re doing our best for the little princess …
    Oh, and the ‘pistol-song’ from last night (the one Herman dances to) is by The Bangles!
    also, let’s plan on seeing ‘127 hours’ next weekend, k?
    B has 5-6 shows coming up next weekend so the season officially begins day after Thanksgiving …

  2. While Dora is more hyper-crazy dog, I too see a lot of her in simple dog — especially the talking and getting louder stuff. Sometimes I forget and escalate it.

    I’m glad the oldsters like the home cooked food — and I appreciate the trouble it is. I hope they are all well.

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