On the Kitten Front

No pictures tonight, but today was a good day on the kitten front.

To back track a bit — there was a kitten invasion — and I lost my sweet Junebug.  I hope that someone caught her in a trap, realized that she was fixed and tame and kept her.  That’s my hope and I am sticking to it.

Someone clearly trapped Big Guy and got him fixed and ear-tagged.  It’s wasn’t me.  I  then trapped Fanny and got her fixed.  She happy in the backyard now.  Then I trapped the worst of the worst, UnPop, and got him fixed ear-tagged and released.

The newbie (sweet) kitty girl that I trapped last Friday was over across the street eating something this evening.  That was the first I had seen her since releasing her Monday evening.

I caught the little black and white kitten of Mommy’s latest litter Monday night, but she escaped (don’t ask).  After cleaning the crate in the dark, I was ready to grab her again on Tuesday and was successful.  She’s now a very affectionate purring machine.  I’ve just got to get her up to 2 lbs. and she will be off to SPCA for adoption.

Tuesday, I trapped a possum, perhaps twice.  I don’t know if it was the same possum twice — there are two of them around that I have seen — or each of them, but boy, they are not very smart animals.

Wednesday, I didn’t get home until after it was dark, so I decided to set the trap the following morning (hoping to avoid another possum trapping).

I set the trap this morning and when I got back earlier this afternoon, one of the little kittens was in it.  I decided to wait until Roberto arrived to get it out of the trap and into the crate with the little black and white kitten — its litter mate.  It was a struggle — I wore some heavy-duty gloves.  The kitten fought — I was so worried that I might hurt it — but with me holding it precariously, Roberto was able to grab its scruff and then I got a good solid hold on it.  And he (the kitten) and I calmed down together while Roberto took care of the little black and white girl.   He installed her new litter box and cleaned up her mess — she is transitioning from being an outside kitten.

We then set the trap again with more of the fried chicken skin as bait.  Harry and Big Guy REALLY REALLY wanted that chicken skin, but we shushed them off.  After an hour or so, all three of the remaining cats-that-need-trapping were seriously looking at that chicken skin.

Dot took the bate and is now in the trap in the utility room.  he will go to SNAP in the morning.  Unlike the tiny kitten who put up such a fight, Dot seems to trust me, and Roberto — no hissing or anything — he’s just resigned to what he’s up for.

Just a bit ago, I took the flashlight out onto the deck to check on the littlest ones.  They are sleeping together in a pile.  I hope that the little girl will rub off on the little boy and he too will go to SPCA as a tame kitten and get adopted.

And that leaves three:  Mommy, Toes and the third kitten from the litter.

I’m on a roll and I’m not stopping.


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