Michael Berry’s Response

What’s that saying, when you’ve got nothing in an argument?  Oh, here it is.  Joe PagLIARulo:

Once they lose, once they’re against the wall, the only recourse they have is to attack on a personal level and you know what?  I’m too big for that.  I’m too smart for that and so are you.

Obviously Michael Berry isn’t 😉  I sent him an email, pointing out that he got a little mixed up on whether Medal of Honor recipients are recipients or winners.  This is how he responded:

Seriously?  Is ur life so sad?
Im startin to pity u


And another email:

U poor nasty hag
Feed ur cats
Ur life is emptyand deep down u know it
Keep writin ur blog nobody reads
Poor sad pathetic thing
So lonely u must be
Meow, cat lady
U reek of cat urine
Pleade change the litter box
An a third email:
You are a fool
And you know it
You are obsessed with me
I just wish someone had asked you to prom
You are forever scarred
So sad

Please feed the cats

That’s our Michael Berry:  big, smart!


7 responses to “Michael Berry’s Response

  1. Isn’t it funny how all these guys react in the same misogynistic way? Seems like they’re projecting their own sick fantasies of fame and being irresistible onto anyone who calls them on their lies and stupidities. Maybe I should join in & dial up and whisper ‘Play ‘Misty’ for me, Michael’ … ha ha ha

  2. Jesus Christ he’s delusional. Did he ever, once, reply to your actual point in your email? So sad. So pathetic. And so worthy of MB moronicity.

    • Are you kidding? Of course he didn’t. He never has. He’s never been able to refute or explain any of the nonsense I call him on. He always makes it personal.

      And pathetic is the exact word to use to describe him.

      • Its just pathetic. And I get reamed by morons on his page – little are they even to comprehend it gives me nothing of pleasure and proves my point of his ‘sheeple’ more and more. Idiots. Hysteria is what he’s good at. Facts? Not so much. Fat pasty retard white guy without a clue in the world.

        • I see that, Dawn, and I wish I could back you up there, but my Facebook page is linked to my employer and MB has already tried to figure out where I work — and you know it would be crazy for me to ever give that information up. His idiot “brigade” would try to get me fired.

          • I appreciate the back up – but I totally understand your position. But I notice as I make sense, the comments stop. And MB has stopped commenting on anything I say. He’s even deleted a post when I start making too much sense.

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