On Writing

I don’t know.  I think I write from within myself with external influence on this blog.  I don’t reference literary sources.  It’s just not the way I write.

One day I ran into an old boyfriend x2 (he was twice, I guess) and he asked me if I was still writing.  When I told him I had this blog, he pooo pooed it.

Thank goodness I didn’t listen to him.  He’s a loser and a bigot (as I found out) and took some of my books that I carefully chose so as not to worry my life.

Why about writing?  Well I’ve go a new crop of Advanced writing students, some of whom have caught the buzz, others, not so much.  I told them that they had to be self motivated.  Next week I really have to push them.  They are slipping.

wrt my own writing, I should balance more hardcore writing with the kittens — even though I worry over them so much.

I don’t reference those touchstones of writing, well because I didn’t grow up writing that way, I guess.


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