Today Michael Berry was a Hypocrite

First off is his criticism of Michelle Obama and his comparison of her to Laura Bush.  While Michelle Obama has chosen to advocate healthy diets, Laura Bush advocated literacy, much like Barbara Bush did.

(Funny side story — I volunteered in Barbara Bush’s Literacy Volunteers of America for several years.  At one point the volunteers tried to take the agency over from the republican fat cats who were just padding their resumes and getting to show up at ritzy functions claiming they were doing something.  We succeeded, but only temporarily.  I was told never to claim I had ever been elected treasurer of LVA and threatened with a lawsuit if I ever did.  All of the volunteers were cleared out.  Way to go Babs!)

Laura Bush also wanted to do something about gangs.  You can look that up yourself to see how effective her pitch was.

Michael Berry admits that there are a lot of little emperors rolling around our country (much like China), but he takes issue with the First Lady’s TONE.

Miss Michelle Obama is telling people what to do and what to eat and Mr. Michael Berry likes that so little that he ate 8 doughnuts today.


Even though one of his callers reminded him of JFK’s presidential fitness program, he played that indignant card to the max.

All the while voicing the advertising for a company that wants to take your money to help you lose weight and claiming that he uses the company himself.  And no, it’s not about private vs. public.  He’s just pissed that an African American woman, born of former slaves, is now the First Lady of our country.  It’s as simple as that.

But wait, there’s more!!1111!!!!11!1!

Michael Berry decides to go off on pro-Lifers.  What?  What  what you ask?  Yes, he said that pro-lifers are only interest in fetuses up until they are born.Then they drop the ball.  There are so many children in foster homes and orphanages who need good homes and the Pro-Life people just ignore them.

As I listened to him I thought:  and yet he didn’t adopt an American child.

Remember:  Michael Berry didn’t adopt an American child.

And yet he is more than preachy about Pro-Life people about caring about the baby after it’s birth.

At the same time, he seems to think that all women who face the issue of an unexpected pregnancy is a drug addict or a welfare maven.   Even though a caller tried to make him moderate his criticism of the potential mothers, he took no heed.

In the end, I think Michael Berry adopted out of country to ensure that his adopted son will never be able to find his family.  Never.    Otherwise, he would have adopted a child from the pool of children he lectured the Pro-Life callers about.

And remember!  Michael Berry and his family makes more than the cut off amount for the tax issue.  When he argues for the extension of the useless tax cuts (if they create so many jobs — where are they?) he’s arguing from that $250K position.  And for what?  To lie and scream and yes, be hypocritical.


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