It’s a Girl! Update

The kitten that showed up last weekend and that I trapped yesterday is female.  I had thought she was a he because s/he showed up just after I trapped UnPop.

She’s approximately three years old.  I’m thinking I will just release her back here, just where I caught her.  Because she is female, I’ve got to keep her for a couple of days.

I was surprised that she wasn’t pregnant.

I’ve got to trap mommy next, no matter what.  I don’t think she can survive another litter.

My plan is to take either of the small kittens I trap into the house and try to tame them.  I will catch the one little one I’ve been taming into the house tomorrow.  And then trap mom.  Toes and Dot can wait.

I’ve got to get this resolved this week.

She’s a really sweet girl.  She’s purring and very affectionate. Plan will change at this point.


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