Michael Berry is an IDIOT

Take it away, idiot Michael Berry:

I received an email today and I thought, well, there is no way this is, I c’mon this is one of those black helicopter crowds that’s made this up.  They’ve just made it up.  It was about Google and it said if you go to the Google home page, Google will sometimes use different themes how the word Google appears, and it said if you go to the Google home page, you will see an American flag, and the American flag is actually wrapped around the Islamic crescent.  There is little if anything in American society that is represented by the crescent. Whereas the crescent is the international symbol of Islam, if you look for instance at the Pakistani flag . . .

He goes on, but I wanted to stop there to remind you that he is married to an Indian (he rarely refers to her as an American) and lives with another Indian.  It’s no wonder that he reviles Pakistanis.

Perhaps this tribalism is easy.  Perhaps it comes naturally.  It doesn’t for me.  Actually it would be detrimental to my work.  I’m constantly working with people from different cultural backgrounds, some of whom have true problems with each other.  But it’s my job to keep that out of the learning environment, while still acknowledging that it exists.  Some people, like Michael Berry, just don’t seem to be able to do that.

Back to the point at hand.

I immediately fired up my laptop and sent Berry an email.  It went something like this:

That’s not a crescent.  It’s the “e” at the end of the word Google.  The flag pole is the “l”.

How long did it take you to come up with that?  All day?


Minutes later, idiot Michael Berry said this on the air:

Uhhhh I received some emails from folks that tell me that the crescent on Google is just the e and not a crescent except that you can’t see the rest of the e.  I guess you can decide for yourself.  But if enough viral emails have received have reached me, it’s pretty clear it looks like a crescent.  I need to go back and look at the e as it would be on other days.

Idiot.  Then he does his CYA like the WATB he is:

I simply wouldn’t put it past this crowd.  Uhhhhm Google doesn’t have a great reputation.  By my reckoning.  Google doesn’t have a great reputation with a as regards matters of that nature.

Idiot Michael Berry got embarrassed, but here he goes pointing — lookie here yall.  How about them apples boy!

I think the crescent to continue to be allowing the perception of the crescent to be there, they know exactly what they are doing.  I happen to believe that.

Ah yes, the “you made me do it” or “you made me think that” defense.


Look in the sky.  There is a crescent moon tonight.

I later emailed idiot Michael Berry using one of timmie’s fake names and emails to cry about how the Muslims have taken over the moon.

Perhaps timmie can tell us if he got a reply.  🙂

Oh, and Michael Berry is an idiot.


6 responses to “Michael Berry is an IDIOT

  1. I have not received a reply yet but I’ll let you know if I do.

  2. I wonder how Mberry feels about croissants? (oh right, they’re French!) … what about lemon or lime wedges, which are sort of crescenty? empanadas? shrimp? deviled eggs (kinda crescenty if you crouch down & look at em sideways all squinty like) … what happens when he wants to share one of his 8 donuts with a co-worker? cut a donut in half & you got 2 crescents OMG … what a foolish foolish noisy man he is …

  3. Hey I heard Berry’s radio show was still on the air. I thought by now you would have had him shut down.

  4. Not a Michael berry fan

    Honestly, it sounds like sarcasm to me. I don’t think michael Berry is dumb.

    • OK. Perhaps it is a lack of imagination. He tells the same awful stories over and over again. And he thinks he has protected himself for his blather via his sons. I sure hope the radio stations have deleted everything he’s said by the time his sons can access it.

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