Idiot Michael Berry: Where’s Obama?

Of course anyone who follows the news Knows where President Obama is:  the G20 Summit.

Idiot Michael Berry goes off:

I’m sorry that our ? doesn’t see to be fit here as our commander in chief.

I laugh, as this is from a pasty white boy who could have served, but chose not to.  He went off to England to get a degree, much like Clinton did.  He sat on his pasty white hands, imagining himself in the service to our country.  But did he do anything but yap on the radio and get his friends in television to tape him complaining about people protesting on overpasses?


Today, idiot Michael Berry imagined himself in Iraq.  In Afghanistan.  In Korea.  In Vietnam. In Europe.  The glory.  The enemies he would kill.  With his conceal carry.

I’m sorry that he doesn’t seem to want to be with the military that served or is serving in the middle of a WAR.

Michael Berry hasn’t wanted to be seen in a participatory wary with the military either.  But he’s got his gun and will demand to be able to bring the damned thin on campuses around the state, GOD willing, AMIRITE?

In fact both our president and our vice president participated in ceremonies honoring veterans.   Idiot Michael Berry just yapped on the radio.

Where he sent ’em.  But instead, you’ll be happy to know that he is somewhere, in a broken down third world country telling them that they are at least as good as we are, probably better, praising Islam as the greatest religion since sliced bread as a peaceful tolerant just religion.  And huddling


I can’t listen to it twice.

There’s no reasoning with them.  Idiot Michale Berry listeners think that the president is willfully out of the country and that Google is pro jihad.

How can anyone confront and work to clarify that?

Michale Berry is an idiot.


4 responses to “Idiot Michael Berry: Where’s Obama?

  1. As you know I like to listen to Berry on my drive home but as I have been without a job for the past month and a half I have not been listening but I will say this trip was important as India is one of our strongest allies in the region and this is a trip that should have happened a year ago so I think Berry is off the mark on this one.

  2. All the wingnuts were decrying Obama’s absence from Arlington. Umm- don’t we still have troops in Korea? And aren’t the President’s duties more than merely ceremonial?

    Idiots. All reading from the same script

  3. We still have troops in Germany as well. Why?

    • To answer your question: That’s why shut up! as the wingnuts you love so well say.

      But that wasn’t the point, was it timmie?

      I allowed this comment to see if you might take a second to think about it. But you didn’t.

      Try harder.

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