This is the type of person who just got elected by the teabaggers

As I noted in my previous post, Joe PagLIARulo of KPRC is a liar — a bald-faced one at that, as you will see.  Here’s an email exchange I had with him this afternoon:

Me:  Just wanted to let you know that it might benefit you to know that you lied this morning and your listeners know it.  I called to ask you what proof you had that you influenced this or any election.  You said none.  That’s all I wanted to know and I said thank you.  You then decided to be the big smart man and call me names.  You went on to state and I quote:  “I never said I influenced any election.  You’re wrong.  You’re dead wrong.  . . Do I think that I affected change in the election?  No.”  But you did.  Go back and listen to your show.  At the 10.11″ mark, you state and I quote:  “I’ve got incredible ideas and my ideas, I believe my ideas affected positive gains in the last election.”  I’m betting since you can claim to be “too big” and “too smart”  to “attack on  a personal level” you will just let all this pass and hope that your audience was too stupid to catch it or has such short memories that they will forget.  AMIRITE?  Liar.

PagLIARulo replied:

you are dead wrong.. I don’t say things like “I have incredible ideas.”  You are clearly someone who has a hard time hearing and dealign (sic) in truth.

And again:

I have no idea with the 10.11 mark is.. you wanna give me a specific time?  This is silly, by the way — because I know what words come out of my mouth.

You are a hater.. and need to learn the meaning of the word context.

Me:  You said it to the second Chris who called.  It was after he suggested you should run for president.  You said you have “incredible ideas.”  Here’s the link — listen to it yourself. (I deleted the link from my reply — it’s the same one in the previous post.)  It’s at the 10 minute mark.  You can deny it but you said it and then you lied about it.

Pag LIARulo replies:

you are a hater.. and a liar and have wasted enough of my time.  Learn the word context.  Listen beyond your closed-mindedness.

I’ve taken the time to include an mp3 IN CONTEXT..

I clearly respond to his sarcasm with some of my own about ideas.. THEN — Michelle — I tell him I affected positive change in the election.  What positive change Michelle?  The positive change of a more educated electorate.  I go on to say.. there are many who are democrats like Chris who voted democrat on Tuesday.. but, because of my show they were better educated and prepared.  Do I think I influenced the election?  No.  Did I affect positive change?  You bet.  Listen to the mp3.  I look forward to your apology for being so dead wrong about the context of my comments.

You should be embarrassed.

He includes the link I have already sent him. in the above email.

Me:  Ten Minutes Eleven Seconds (I included the link again.)

Me:  Then later on you said to me that you DIDN’T say that you had affected positive change.  And you started your name calling.  I didn’t call you any names.  And you have started to it again here.  Try to be the big smart man you claim to be and stop lying and name calling.

Me:  I sent you the damn link first, Joe.

PagLIARulo replies:

you have lost.  I look forward to your apology.  Never said I didn’t affect positive change.  Your lame little question was “do you think you influenced the election?”  I said no.  Listen again.. learn about context.. I look forward to your apology.  In life, we sometimes win.. we sometimes lose.. you have lost this won miserably.

Thanks for hatin!

PagLIARulo, again:

watch your language..

awaiting your apology.. you really are making yourself look bad here.

nice try though

Me:  God you are dense.  I asked if you had any proof that you influenced the election and you said no.  You do know that a synonym for affect is influence, right?  They mean the same thing.  First you said that you had affected positive change and then when I called you on it you lied and said that you hadn’t said it.
That lie is on you not me.

Me:  I didn’t mean to offend your tender sensibilities, Joe.  I had no idea you were such a shrinking violet.  Man up.

PagLIARulo back again:

hahah.. can’t admit it huh?  The context of my conversation with Chris matters.. and so does the wording of your question to me.  I didn’t influence the election.. I affected positive change — and I explained that meant a better educated electorate.  Hahah.. English must be new for you.  Two very very different things indeed, Michelle.

Write back if you’re ready to apologize.  Otherwise, don’t expect a further response.  I’m wasting my time offering fact to someone as hard-headed as you obviously are.

Me:  Joe, again, influence and affect have the same meaning.  Look it up in a dictionary.  Sure context is important and you stated, “Do I think I affected change in the election?  No.”  And here you are in this email saying the same thing.  The two words have the same meaning.
You are as thick as a brick.

Ridiculous PagLIARulo:

you’re making me uncomfortable.  I’m married.. stop hitting on me.

I await your apology.


Me:  “I affected positive change.”  “Do I think that I affected change in the election?  No.”
Which is it, Joe?
You are more of a flip-flopper that Mitt Romney.  At least more than a few hours had passed when Mitt flipped.

Creepy PagLIARulo reply:

you’re so cute.. say the words.. type em out.  “I’m sorry, talk show boy.”

you can do it!

you can do it!


Basically, that makes two lies I have caught the liar in and I’ve just gotten started!


4 responses to “This is the type of person who just got elected by the teabaggers

  1. Michelle = rabbit
    Joe P = wuss

  2. It hurts my brain that Joe can flip the way the does. Even with the lie right in his face he stands his shallow self loving ground. even thinking about him thinking ANYONE is coming on to him. Wait then then .

    It’s so sad – that someone who (much like Michele Berry) ask listeners to take what they seriously – and then when caught in a lie they tip toe and dance and back flip around taking responsiblity and turn childish in the end.

    • Dawn, have you ever called in? I think you should, just every once in a while. You — like me — don’t want to become one of their “pet” callers. But if you strategically called either Joe or Michael, then you and I could affect their shows. Just the two of us.

      Think about it. Especially on Joe’s show, there’s little waiting time.

  3. Now how easy was that to force you to change how you run your blog. I may be blocked but that does not stop me from writting you hunny and you can bet I’ll continue to sweety.

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