So I was listening to Joe PagLIARulo this morning . . .

and while being dickish to one of his callers, he had this to say:

I am way more effective behind this microphone than I would be running for president and I don’t wanna be the president and I don’t wanna be the king like Obama does.  I’ve got incredible ideas and my ideas, I believe my ideas affected positive gains in the last election.


Maybe one or two more callers went by and then PagLiarulo had a long discussion about personal attacks — particularly when one’s debate opponent has nothing.  He said:

Once they lose, once they’re against the wall, the only recourse they have is to attack on a personal level and you know what?  I’m too big for that.  I’m too smart for that and so are you.

So, I called and asked him what proof he had that he individually or any other  talk show host had on the election.  He said none.  I said thanks.  Then he immediately launched into personal attacks:

Are you going to hang up now Michelle?

Me:  So you’re just making this up.

So are you going to hang up now you big scardy (sic juvenile) cat?

He wants to know why I asked the question — well it’s because he made that claim (see above).

I never said I influenced any election.  You’re wrong.  You’re dead wrong.  . . Do I think that I affected change in the election?  No.

Joe PagLIARulo.  Still a liar.

11 responses to “So I was listening to Joe PagLIARulo this morning . . .

  1. There you go. We agree on something. How about that?

    • I’m just getting started on the liar — and though you say we agree, we are coming at it from different directions. He’s a liar. I don’t care what his political leanings are.

      Thanks for commenting.

    • And yet I see that your friend Dr. Kevin still insists upon linking to my posts and insulting me.

      So, you know what? You can fuck off too.

  2. LOL, okay. I was just sayin’.

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  4. So how does one fuck them self’s? Is that like a lesbo thing.

  5. My mistake, let me rephrase it, how does one fuck off? Literally it makes no since dude.

    • Really, you are running with this? It’s an idiom. It means leave now.

      Have you noticed that I haven’t used it with you?

      You must not realize who the person I said that to is.

      But that is not surprising.

  6. Joey has an exaggerated sense of his entertainment value. He can’t influence jack shit.

    If you catch him in a lie, all he does is yell at you and hang up. He’s an irrelevant douche bag.

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