Why aren’t the Republicans Back to Work Yet?

Republicans and Teabaggers get exactly 17 months to fix everything — starting today.  And I’m actually giving them a break since most of them and their supporters think Obama was president in 2008.

Back to Work!


12 responses to “Why aren’t the Republicans Back to Work Yet?

  1. Your to kind, thanks for the break.

  2. Huh? Now we can look forward to 2 years of no ideas from the republican side of the aisle (oh, when Mitch and Weepin’ John aren’t slapping down teabaggers who flunked out of high school government class and don’t understand why they should have to pay their dues and maybe, oh, I don’t know, get elected more than once, so folks might know they aren’t the off-season one-hit wonder cranks they will surely prove to be). Let’s see, the republicans are already dead set on refilling the coffers of pharmaceutical companies, letting oil companies get back to raping the Gulf, letting more US soldiers die and bleed for the useless unnecessary wars their gang started, and so alienating the Hispanic population that maybe 2012 will be the year the “sleeping giant” finally hears the alarm and drives the hate-mongers back to their caves and gated communities. The ball is in the right wing court. I don’t expect to see any action at all. Just a lot of hot air and bullshit yammering.

  3. Well that is better than what he have had for the last two years.

  4. Which part is better, Timmie? Oil companies running amok, soldiers dying pointlessly, etc?

  5. I don’t know that either is happening but why has Obama not pulled all troops out of the Middle East?

  6. I guess we should thank our new Republican saviors for this:

    Businesses continued to hire for the tenth month in a row, following nearly two straight years of private sector losses. Companies added 159,000 jobs to their payrolls in October, much stronger than the 92,000 jobs economists had predicted for the sector.

    But the government continued to slash jobs, shedding 8,000 workers in the month.

    Only a handful of census workers were cut from government payrolls in October — nearly the last of the temporary census jobs that have dragged down public sector job growth for the last four months.

    And upward revisions for August and September showed there were 110,000 additional job gains in those months than previously reported.

    YaY Presidents Boehner and McConnell! Well done, and so quick!

  7. I agree with you, they have done a great job in such a short time which means greater things are to come.

  8. The inverse silver lining to today’s jobs report that will be lost in the shuffle of what is perceived as a good NFP (despite consistent initial jobless claims of around 450K, which means that either there is a massive data error, or the rate of job creation has somehow surged) is that labor force participation has now dropped to the lowest rate it has been since 1984, at 64.5%. Assuming a reversion to the long-term average participation rate of 66%, means that the civilian labor force is in reality 157.4 million as opposed to the disclosed 153.9 million, a delta of 3.5 million currently unaccounted for. Maybe someone can ask the president during his imminent press conference what happened to the unemployed population, which would have been 18.3 if this labor force delta was incorporated, resulting in an unemployment rate of 11.6%.


    *dude, you didn’t write this. It was written by some guy who uses the name of a character from a movie when he posts — and his article has no links to any sources whatsoever. Lastly, getting shit off Drudge and copying and pasting it into my comments section is not going to cut it. You probably think the the president’s trip to India is going to cost $200 million DOLLARS per day (instead of rupees), right?

  9. Now your using your head.

  10. I sweety pie I never said I wrote it which is why I post the link. Haha. Does not matter what you really think, I’ll continue to cut and past as I don’t need your approval huny pie.

    It’s my blog, idiot.

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