Election Night

I don’t know — I kind of like to wait until all of the polls are in.  I don’t like the media calling races before everything has been counted.  I guess I have been feeding it by refreshing The Chronicle.

One thing I am seriously tired of is the whole overblown coverage of the Teabaggers.  (They should have known what that the name they claimed for themselves in the first place meant.)

Of course, I am listening to Michael Berry while refreshing the few blogs I’m following.  He’s been his normal self — somewhat unprepared and winging it and condescending to his audience.  At least he’s not a fluffer like Joe PagLIARulo or Chris Baker.

No Bill no.



Bill is conceding.


I’ll make a prediction tonight — things will not be clear-cut.  Dems hang on to both the House and the Senate, though the margins will be closer.  Obama takes this in stride and surprises all of us.  The teabaggers fade into the distance.  Palin wears out her welcome.  Rick Perry becomes the front runner for the Republican nomination and everyone will be reminded of what this state has done — this once great state.  And then we will turn this state BLUE BLUE BLUE.

Perhaps I will still be alive then and AM radio will be confiscated for military use by that time, but I think it will happen.

michilines out — for now.


10 responses to “Election Night

  1. Appears to be a very good night. Can’t wait for 2012.

  2. I will do that.

  3. Ring…..Ring…..Ring……Hello….Is anybody home.

  4. Actuly I have a second interview scheduled with a company I met with last week, looks very good. If I’m hired do I give credit to Obama or Perry?

  5. Gosh, Timmie, if you get hired I’m not sure who should take the credit.

  6. I kind of lean towards me.

  7. As would obama I’m sure of.

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