With a Storm Coming, Kittens have a House

I had collected the materials over a couple of weeks, buying mostly remnants from Home Depot and using things I already had.

I didn’t take pictures of the first steps of building the house, but I did on the finishing part.  I used a plan from Feral Cat.

It’s 2′ x 3′, one door and insulated walls.

It’s got an angle of 18″ to 12″ front to back.

A little door.

I put in the windbreak.  I painted all of the pieces with primer.  I didn’t get the painting done and forgot the floor tiles.

Finished, but for the last bit of insulation and the roof.

It fits on the foundation!

A shelf for added sleeping space.

Roof is on and works.


We fed the kittens out by the new house Sunday evening and I fed them there this morning.  Big Guy slept in there last night.

Tonight, there will be rain.  I hope the kittens will retreat there when the rain starts.


2 responses to “With a Storm Coming, Kittens have a House

  1. And building it was tons of fun! (or at least the last easy bits! ha)

    • Big Guy was in there again after dinner. I’m afraid he thinks we built it only for him!

      The little kittens have been sleeping in the moon flower pots. All of the pots fascinate them. They are flower pot kittens.

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